1. Great to see you blogging here, Allie! I felt the same way when I started teaching. Good preparation was key — if I had a plan and script I was much more confident. Don’t worry, you’ll be amazed how fast the jitters fall away as you get more and more teaching under your belt.

    (And I know the age thing can be tricky — I remember back about a million years ago when my spouse taught English Comp as a 23 yr old grad student. He wore a tie to every class!)

    • Thanks, Maura! I keep waiting for the jitters to go away but they’re being pretty persistent. (I’m too impatient to wait a couple of years for them to subside! I want them gone now! ;)) I have a plan and script for every class I teach but I’m still a wreck in front of the class.

      I wear “business casual” to try to set myself apart from the students. And that’s as formal as I’d like to be! (I’m already uncomfortable in this garb.)

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